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An important aspect of buying a new or used car is knowing about the manufacturer and the history of its vehicles. Drivers wish to choose a vehicle that comes from a company that produces attractive, comfortable and reliable vehicles. Chevrolet has a history of over 100 years of producing fantastic vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Drivers that prefer a sleeker and close to the ground experience in which they can hit top speeds quickly should opt for a Camaro. Those ready to find their Chevrolet vehicle including the Camaro in Birmingham, AL can check out Hendrick Chevrolet Hoover.

The interior of the new Camaro was carefully designed to meet all the needs of those that own the fantastic vehicle. Buttons can be irritating in a vehicle. To avoid that, the Camaro has HVAC dials that can be easily turned for a more responsive and simple climate control. Often times the center console of a vehicle isn’t comfortable or easily accessible, but the Camaro has a center console designed for great accessibility. The dual cup holders along with spacious storage area make for a great system. In addition, the ergonomics are ideal for shifting. For taller drivers, knees can often become an issue due to the curved steering wheel. The Camaro has a steering wheel with a flat bottom so it will never come in contact with the driver’s knees. For those living in colder areas a heated steering wheel is also offered so a frigid steering wheel never needs to be operated. Drivers that enjoy their music may opt for an 8-inch radio. On select models, drivers can choose from 24 different colors schemes to accent their radio and lights inside the vehicle. The seating has aggressive bolsters that can account for the g force that occurs when going around sharp bends and turns. Heated and ventilated seats are also available to improve the experience of those in the front seats.

A key feature that fans of the Camaro love is the host of updated technology it features. Many of these create for a safer driving experience that leads to more peace of mind and better experience for the driver. In the event of a collision, there are 8 airbags throughout the vehicle to protect the crew. Furthermore, there are knee airbags for the driver and front passenger. While parking, the driver can utilize the rear vision camera so they can see exactly what is behind them. While backing out of parking spaces the driver also has the Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This feature will notify the driver if a vehicle is moving behind them horizontally in a position that they cannot see. On the interstate, it is relatively common for a vehicle to begin to shift into the other lanes. To help with this, the Camaro uses the Side Blind Zone Alert. Sensors will be able to follow the lines of the road and tell the driver if they are unintentionally shifting out of their own line into another. Every time there is a vehicle in the blind spot of the driver, they will be notified so they know it is not currently safe to change lanes.


The Camaro by Chevrolet offers car buyers a timeless vehicle that continues to improve upon its desirability and appeal. It offers a noticeable and unique look combined with a powerful yet smooth engine and an assurance of quality and success. Those that want their Camaro in Birmingham need to look no further than Hendrick Chevrolet Hoover. Drivers that buy from Hendrick Chevrolet often buy their car and when they are ready for a new version, turn it in and drive away in something updated. Furthermore, they have a great selection of used cars for those looking to spend less. Hendrick Chevrolet also offers financing options for those people looking to figure out how to pay for their used or new Chevrolet.

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